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Group SNSD’s pride was restored as ‘baby mothers’.

SNSD is carrying out its role as a lifesaver for KBS joy, the cable channel. This is because the childcare experience variety program ‘SNSD’s Hello Baby’ is receiving high viewer ratings.

KBS joy’s staff comments, “Considering that many self-created KBS joy programs weren’t doing too well in terms of view ratings, SNSD is definitely a lifesaver.”

Recently, KBS joy’s viewer ratings averaged about 0.1%. However, ‘SNSD’s Hello Baby’ rated at about 1%, despite its broadcasting time being tuesday nights. This is considered a great success for a cable channel.

KBS joy’s most watched program was the re-run of KBS 2TV’s ‘1 Night, 2 Days’. However, SNSD’s childcare experience program is the first program to beat the ratings of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ re-runs.

Considering MBC’s ‘Cheer Up’ with SNSD only had viewer ratings of about 2~3%, cable channel KBS joy’s ‘SNSD’s Hello Baby’ have completely restored their pride.

Staff comments, “members of SNSD experiencing childcare and appealing their frank candidness is impacting the viewer ratings greatly”. He continues, “this result was expected. We knew good viewer ratings were guranteed since the recording of the first episode. SNSD’s self controlled atmosphere, witty comments, their maturity, and their honest love for the baby gave us a confident start. This show will absorb SNSD fans and many other groups of viewers.”

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