High Demand for MyungCaDrive on ‘Music Core’,”We want to see Naengmyun again”

There is a high demand for MyungCaDrive on MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’.

The song MyungCaDrive (Park Myungsoo – SNSD’s Jessica – E-Tribe) sang, ‘Naengmyun’ was released through the broadcast of MBC’s Infinity Challenge-Duet Song Festival on the 11th.
On ‘Infinity Challenge’ although they didn’t win the grand prize and were not able to grab a chance at broadcast, their demand for an appearance on broadcast is only heating up.
Currently, fans who want MyungCaDrive’s appearance are congesting the MBC ‘Music Core’s’ guest board.

Some of the things netizens are continuing to writing through the ‘Music Core’s’ guest board are, “I want to see MyungCaDrive’s performance again”, “Including MyungCaDrive, give the ‘Infinity Challenge’ team an appearance”,

The situation is not different on a ‘Infinity Challenge’ related community. Some of the things requested were, “MyungCaDrive wants a chance to appear”, “We also want to see ‘Naengmyun’s’ music video.

If so, then what are the chances of MyungCaDrive appearing on broadcast.

A broadcast’s representative said “Park Myungsoo’s health condition is the biggest obstacle”. This representative said “Since MyungCaDrive is gathering explosive attention, the chances of an appearance won’t be difficult”

So Nyuh Shi Dae’s Jessica’s agency, SM Entertainment said, “We still haven’t been contacted to have any appearances for ‘Naengmyun.” “But shouldn’t Park Myungsoo’s recovery back to good health, come first.” The possibilities of appearing on a broadcast are still open.

Park Myungsoo was hospitalized on July 3rd with acute hepatitis type A, and was discharged after seven days. In the beginning, he lost 5kg, and as his jaundice symptoms (yellow discoloration of the skin, and whites of the eyes) continue to get worse, Park Myungsoo held in the pain and had a fighting spirit while recording MBC’s Infinity Challenge and KBS2TV’s Happy Together Season 3.
But the radio program Park Myungsoo hosts, ‘Date at 2’, is filled in with other temporary DJ’s.

On the other hand, according to music source sites, MyungCaDrive’s song ‘Naengmyun’ isn’t losing the 1st place spot on real time and daily charts. Revealed on the 11th on MBC’s Infinity Challenge, the group MyungCaDrive’s ‘Naengmyun’ has an exciting rhythm and fun lyrics, as it is has a melody that is easy to sing along to,

Also, the backdancer team IDMyo , along with an agency dancer, JiYool, rose up to 1st on search portals, so topics about ‘Naengmyun’ aren’t going down. About tens of thousands of netizens would visit Jiyool’s minihompy.

Translations: kimjihyee @ soshified.com
Source: Newsen