SNSD’s brand new song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ is showing faster sales than ‘Gee’ which stormed the music industry in the first half of the year.

According to offline sales reporter Hanteo-Chart, since its release on June 29th the sales of ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ at offline stores surpassed 24 000 copies in just two days. These sales are greater and faster than SNSD’s biggest hit (to date) ‘Gee’ which sold 23 000 copies in its first week. The term sweeping the market seems most appropriate in this case. Hanteo-Chart’s sales reports focus mostly on stores that are registered with them, so the true number of sales are predicted to be much higher.

Accordingly, it appears that SNSD will achieve selling more than 100 000 copies for three albums in a row. Selling over 100 000 albums is a standard that even the most popular male idol groups in Korea have a tough time achieving, but now all eyes are on SNSD as they attempt to do so again. SNSD ‘s first album ‘Girl’s Generation’ and their first mini-album ‘Gee’ both sold over 100 000 copies and surprised the music industry.

On the music charts, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ gained faster popularity than ‘Gee’. ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ was released through various music websites starting at 10am on the 22nd. Immediately after the release, the song climbed furiously on various real-time charts and in a very short time took the number one spot (on the real-time charts).

On the 23rd, a day after its release, the songs rankings climbed even higher. On one of the major music website ‘Melon’, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ debuted that day as number six on their charts. Taking into consideration that ‘Gee’ first entered the chart at number ten, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ showed incredible popularity. This is not all. On almost all music websites ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ ranked as number one or two on their charts, and the song is once again bringing bank the Girl’s Generation syndrome.

‘Tell Me Your Wish’ is composed of a dream-like introduction and a bright and refreshing melody which creates an impressionable, and trendy dance song. For people who get tired, lose their confidence and become down due to their busy lives, the lyrics express SNSD wish to become the Goddess of Luck and to help bring their lost courage and passion by raising everyone’s energy.

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