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The popular 9 girl group SNSD released a mini album on the 29th, getting ready to seize command of the music world for the summer. SNSD has released their title song ‘tell me your wish’ on the 22nd online. Also, from the 26th to 28th, they have appeared on KBS ‘Music Bank’, MBC ‘Music Core’, and SBS ‘Inkigayo’, performing ‘Tell me your wish’ along with the choreography to the audience.

With the previous mini album and their title song ‘Gee’, they have set the unprecedented record of 9 consecutive weeks on the #1 spot for Music Bank, and was the most downloaded song for the first half of 2009. Album sales also exceeded 100k.

Thanks to the record-breaking performance of ‘Gee’, much attention is being paid for SNSD’s new album. We observed how SNSD is appealing to their fans with charms that are different than that of ‘Gee’.


‘Tell me your wish’ is being appraised as a contemporary pop / dance song that is full of beat. Many comment that this song is well-suited for the passionate season of summer.

The fact that SM entertainment’s chief composer Yu Youngjin along with Yu Hanjin and European composer team ‘Dsign Music’ came together to create this one song has been the basis of good appraisal.

However, the song ‘Tell me your wish’ lacks the hook-style characteristics compared to ‘Gee’ which continuously repeated ‘gee gee gee gee’ and ‘baby baby’. This resulted in some fans pointing out that ‘Tell me your wish is ‘less addicting’ and ‘harder to grasp’.

Nevertheless, this ‘unnoticeable’ weakness does not pose a problem upon SNSD, as they are already experiencing explosive popularity for ‘Tell me your wish’ from its fans.
Pre-sales of the new mini album has already reached 80k. Also, ‘Tell me your wish’ has sustained its top spot for most downloaded song for over a week since its release.


The main difference between Gee and Tell me your wish is that the movements in ‘Tell me your wish’ are bigger and broader. If the side-way walking ‘Crab leg dance’ was the capture point for ‘Gee’, then the capture point for ‘Tell me your wish’ is overall synchronization and balance.

The seductive arm & hand movements, broad leg movements, and flexible hip movements are placed throughout the song. The quick kicking motion of the leg is already being called ‘the shuttle-kicking dance’ and is gaining massive popularity.

These big movements in ‘Tell me your wish’ are being appraised as ‘refreshing’. Many fans agree that to enjoy this song to its maximum potential, one must watch the choreography while listening to the song.

Stage Costume

During the comeback stage of SNSD at ‘Music Bank’, they wore Marine-style jackets with short hot pants. They changed the hot pants into mini-skirts during their performance at ‘Inkigayo’. Overall, the fashion of SNSD is being appraised as ‘well suited for summer, refreshing but at the same time with intense sensation’.

These costumes indicate that SNSD have become more mature than when they were performing ‘Gee’. In fact, six of the nine members have celebrated their 21st birthday, which is the legal age in Korea.

Now, the concern is whether if SNSD will be able to reanimate the scorching storm of ‘Gee’ with ‘Tell me your wish’, equipped with new music style, choreography, and costume.

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