[06.27.09] SNSD’s Maknae Seohyun, samchon fans publish newspaper ad to congratulate her 18th birthday

SNSD’s fancafe published a birthday congratulation ad in the newspaper on Maknae Seohyun’s birthday.

The ad from SNSD’s fancafe “Hwa Soo Eun Hwa” says: “The 28th of June is SNSD member Seohyun’s 18th birthday. We, the fans, from the “2030” meeting (Note: fans at the age of 20-30) from SNSD’s fancafe “Hwa Soo Eun Hwa” are delivering our congratulation messages for Seohyun through a birthday congratulation ad in the “Hankyoreh”-newspaper. Because Seohyun’s birthday falls on a Sunday, we published the ad already on Saturday, the 27th”.

And they added “In this time’s congratulation ad, we came up with a funny story called “Seohyun’s miracle”. We don’t know if we can make you laugh but it would be great if we could deliver happiness to Seohyun and all the people reading it.”.

Furthermore, they explained the purpose behind the event: “Besides Seohyun’s congratulation ad, we donated and delivered a bag of rice, clothes, and the chickens promoted by SNSD as presents to the Seoul YMCA youth shelter. The youth shelter is a home for teenagers who experienced violence at home, had serious familial problems or couldn’t live any longer at home due to the financial situation. It would be great if the community would listen and pay attention to small wishes from difficult and neglected neighborhoods since this time SNSD’s comeback title track is called “Tell Me Your Wish”.”

For “Hwa Soo Eun Hwa”, this is already the fifth time that they published a birthday congratulation ad as they already released birthday congratulation ads for SNSD members Sooyoung, Jessica, Sunny, and Yoona in the past.

Source: Newsen
Written by Song Yoonsae
Translated by [email protected]/forums
Edited by [email protected]/forums