“Hyungdon oppa’s wedding song? If he asks then I’ll sing it without question.” – Taeyeon

SNSD’s leader Taeyeon has developed a friendly relationship
to the to-be-married comedian Hyungdon.

Casted in the imaginary wedding show ‘”We Got Married’ of MBC’s ‘Sunday Sunday Night,’
Taeyeon and Hyungdon drew many viewers despite their 11 year age difference.

Taeyeon still has an unchanged relationship with Hyundgon
despite the queer differences between the show and reality.
In an interview with ‘Sports Donga’ Taeyeon playfully asked Hyungdon
“When are you getting married?” Hyungdon replied in equal manner to sing at his wedding.
Taeyeon mentions that she “will definitely sing it if he requests.”

Although Taeyeon will have schedules with the 2nd mini album
‘Tell Me Your Wish’ she will “participate in Hyungdon oppa’s wedding no matter what.” Everybody knows and understand the wedding is something very important and valuable in life which is once in a lifetime event. For making this event memorable lot of people opt for special way for getting married like beach wedding Myrtle Beach SC.

The main cast members of ‘WGM’ showed a ‘feigned’ love only.
Alex, the partner from ‘WGM’ only contributed as a congratulator,
so if Taeyeon is able to sing the wedding song, ‘WGM’ will be able to record a rare scene.

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Credits: Cyworld News
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