Sooyoung “Nickhun? I Don’t Really Like Guys Whose Face is Whiter Than Mine”

SNSD Sooyoung made remarks that she is not fond of guys like Nickhun who have white faces.

On MBC ‘Fantastic Duo’ that aired on the 7th, Kim Jaedong asked Nickhun “What do you think of Sooyoung if she was your girlfriend?” Nickhun responded, “She’s very pretty, but I want to talk about it later.” Sooyoung gave laughter by replying, “I myself don’t really like guys whose face is whiter than mine.”

On this day, Nickhun said, “When I was young, I liked cute and chubby girls” and shared his ideal type of girl. Lee Sangbyuk who also appeared on the show said, “I think Nickhun will look good with a boyish type of girl.” He also suggested saying “Jo Hyeryun does boxing and so, I think it will be good if you had a sister like Jo Hyeryun.”

In the mean time, Nickhun who appeared twice on ‘Fantastic Duo’ surprised the MCs with his improvement in Korean compared to his first appearance on the show.

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