THROUGH South Korean television dramas, Myanmar audiences have become quite familiar with South Korean artists and their enormous influence on style and fashion is on plain view among young people in Myanmar.

Last week, Timeout had the opportunity to meet two of South Korea’s top pop groups Super Junior and Girls’ Generation.

Girls’ Generation is a nine member girl band that debuted in 2007.

How did the bands choose their names?

Girls’ Generation: The reason we chose the band name Girls’ Generation is that we wanted there to be a girl’s generation. It’s simple.

How do you manage to keep the band together?

GG: We have nine members and we knew each other before the band was formed. We are very friendly with each other and we always work together. We’re grown up so we don’t have any fights.

What does the Asian market mean to you and how do you intend to reach out to so many countries with so many different languages?

GG: As we are promoting ourselves to international audiences, communication is really important. But I think it’ll be ok as long as we are in their heart.

How do you feel about being idolised? And who are your favourite musicians?

GG: Being an idol for young people is great. Even though we are young, we think we can follow our dreams and try to achieve success.

We love Boa. She is popular not only in South Korea but is also well known elsewhere in the world. She’s made a lot of effort to learn how to break into the international market. Almost all the members from Girls’ Generation want to be like Boa.

By Yadana Htun
Article from: The Myanmar Times


I took out the parts with Soshi in it. It’s really nice to know that Soshi loves Boa :)
“I think it’ll be ok as long as we are in their heart.” – I wonder who said that, such a sweet line ^^