‘The M’ MC Sunny(SNSD)’s Lovely Smile, Music, and Her SHOW! Music Variety

On the 27th at 6:30 p.m. in Seoul Mokdong KT Hall progressed skyEN’s new music show ‘The M’. This picture shows MC Sunny putting on a lovely smile during her ‘Mini Mini M’ interview while recording the 17th episode.

‘The M’ lead by MC Kim Hyungjoon(SS501)-Sunny(SNSD)’s met Aâ??ST1 who were the stars for the 16th of ‘Mini Mini M’, while on the 17th episode, Chungrim and IU turned out to be the stars. Others like 2PM, V.O.S, Lee Eunmi, Chaeyun, After School, Evan, Zi.a, Oh Jonghyuk, UPT, Defcon, Superkid, Chungrim, A’ST1, Answer, Han Kyungil, Jung Youngjoo, Happy Face, Mate, 2%, and etc showed a great performance on the show.

Meanwhile, the one that was recorded on the 27th which was 16th episode and 17th episode which was on May 29th will both be aired on a Friday night of June 5th on SkyEn at 6:00 p.m.

Source: Sosiz.net
Translated by: [email protected]