Yoona and Kwon Sangwoo’s kiss scene is her business?

SNSD’s Yoona’s drama “Cinderella Man” significantly and together with the fans, expressed gratitude.

On So Nyuh Shi Dae’s official iple homepage on the 6th, a staff representative wrote “Yesterday was our Deer! Yoona’s last episode of “Cinderella Man”, the drama she has been filming. Everyone watched it, right?” They also said, “You fans may probably already know this, for the past few months, Yoona has been extremely busy being on stage and filming her drama. She’s been busier than anybody can ever imagine. I am writing this to say thank you again for supporting and running with Yoona during that time.”

Also, “During this drama, I can’t help but feel that Yoona has taken another step in her path for acting.” They also said, “I thank you very much for staying with Cinderella Man’s ‘Yoojin’ from beginning until the end…In the last episode, Daesan and Yoojin locked lips(?) and for those national fans that had their hearts broken over that…Acting is just acting! Don’t think about it too seriously. It’s her business~”

Also, “For the fans, I will reveal a photo of Yoona that no one has ever seen. This photo is of Yoona in the office that was taken one day in April, after filming was finished early.” They added, “Please continue to love So Nyuh Shi Dae.”

Credits: Newsen, Sosiz
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