Soshi and Suju, First Idols to Appear on ‘Lalala’

Popular groups, SNSD and Super Junior became the first idol groups to appear on MBC ‘Music Trip Lalala’.

SNSD Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Sunny, and Tiffany as well as Super Junior finished recording ‘Lalala’ on the 3rd.

Kim Changwan, who is part of the group, Sanwoollim, hosts ‘Lalala’ which is mostly a live performance music program for currently promoting main and non-mainstream groups to sing their songs. Since this program is based on an honest talk with live performance, idol groups have never appeared on the show once from the first time it aired in November and until now.

On the 5th, ‘Lalala’ producer shared his reason of having them on the show by saying “SNSD and Super Junior are extremely popular groups, but we invited them on the show to take a look at their different side in music”.

The producer asked SNSD and Super Junior two months ago to find songs that fit the program.

SNSD and Super Junior chose famous movie O.S.T songs and were able to sing without any problems.

SNSD sang ‘Mama Mia O.S.T’ Honey, Honey’ and ‘Pounds Beauty’s ‘Beauty Girl’, while Super Junior sang ‘Notting Hill’ O.S.T ‘She’, etc and showed their splendid singing talents.

Also, SNSD and Super Junior sang newly arranged versions of each other’s popular song, ‘Gee’ and ‘Sorry,Sorry’ and have been attracting a level of expectation from fans.

The program manager said “I heard that they have practiced for at least a month. SNSD and Super Junior sang extremely well” and showed an expectation.

‘Lalala’ that SNSD and Super Junior appeared on is arranged to be aired on the 24th.

Translated by: [email protected]