Is SNSD not in the SNSD homepage?

SNSD is confused about the mini homepages.

Numerous fans have been confused about the appearances of the mini homepages that impersonate the SNSD members.

SNSD members’ fake mini homepage addresses that have been quickly spreading after being recently posted on SNSD fan homepages, bulletin board, blogs of all sorts, and etc. The mini homepages have pictures of each of the members in their early years and have uploaded numerous self-taken photos.

Within the fans who have seen these homepages with pictures that have plausible information, ‘truth or falsehood’ of these photos have been becoming an issue. A fan said, “I thought SNSD did not have mini homepages, but I’m happy that they have them.” On the other hand, fans who think of SNSD members as normal people said, “The members do not own mini homepages. Don’t do this to raise your profile popularity”. “Erase it before we report you”.

If you follow what SM Entertainment executives, their sponsored company have said, SNSD members currently do not have mini homepages. They announced that this has becoming a big issue of the fans making impersonated mini homepages, so they’re planning to request the owners of those mini homepages to delete them.

DBSK who have also experienced the same situation in the past are in the same sponspored company with SNSD. When some of the DBSK members’ social security (resident registration) numbers were revealed, these fans used their names to make mini homepages. It deceived many fans as the DBSK members creating these mini homepages. Also at the time, SM Entertainment requested the owners of those mini homepages to delete the addresses of them.

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