‘Horror Movie’ Lee Bumsoo Shares a Sincere ‘Teacher and Student’ Like Friendship with SNSD

[Newsen 이언혁 Reporter]

A middle-aged actor, Lee Bumsoo built a sincere relationship with the 8 members of SNSD during his guide as an actor.

On May 31st, MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ aired ‘Horror Movie Factory’ where it clearly showed a different side of the SNSD members as being more nervous than their usual liveliness when they met the formidable teacher, Lee Bumsoo.

Eight members of SNSD followed Lee Bumsoo’s guidance of asking oneself the question, ‘Who am I?’ to individually understand the person they are and were trained to develop a unique talent of themselves. Girls were able to overcome their weaknesses by acting, dancing, and doing other things with Lee Bumsoo and also understand ways to bring out their strengths.

Seohyun, who especially struggled to emotionally express herself, was even given the name as ‘ggook ggook ee’ (which means someone who holds everything in). Seohyun was able to demonstrate anger through both a cold look and a cynical talk through her 1 on 1 lesson with Lee Bumsoo. This different side of Seohyun was so surprising even to a degree that it startled the other members. Lee Bumsoo, however, did not stop, but made Seohyun bring out a strong rage in her acting, showing a new side of the â??ggook ggook eeâ??.

‘SNSD’s Horror Movie Factory’ is needed and for SNSD. Meanwhile, the eight girls have received attention to see if they will be able to produce a good movie after systematically learning all steps to prepare for the production of the horror film.

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