MBC, now is ‘Girls’ Generation’

All nine are being mobilized in ‘Sunday Night’… Radio – Variety – Drama, their dazzling activities.

[Reporter An Jinyoung]

SNSD has arrived at MBC.

Female group SNSD is turning rapidly into MBC’s leading stars. Actively spreading over drama, radio, or variety, they are willing to do any of the previous fields without fear. You can meet SNSD at MBC, anytime, all through the week. It could be said it has become SNSD’s ‘Golden Age’.

To start, SNSD’s Leader Taeyeon is taking charge of MBC’s daily radio broadcasting. Radio listeners can meet her everyday for two hours as she DJs in MBC FM4U(91.9MHz)’s evening program . She has been participating as a solo DJ since last spring, when Superjunior’s Kangin left after MBC’s reorganization.

During the weekend, SNSD’s activities strike again. Tiffany and Yuri are working as MCs in the Saturday program . Last time they entertained the audience singing and dancing together with Son Dambi in her performance.

Then it’s time to Pass the baton to Sooyoung, who is taking charge of Sunday morning program ‘Fantastic Duo 2’. On Sunday nights SNSD is fully mobilized, appearing in MBC’s flagship variety program ‘s new corner, ‘SNSD Horror Factory’. “SNSD is, at present, the leading representatives in the entertainment business, and the new generation’s icon. After monitoring over their appearances in various variety programs, we saw their potential and that’s why we have selected them as MCs,” stated a representative of MBC’s variety area.

In the middle of the week you can watch Yoona’s acting. Yoona is showing the viewers her ever-growing acting skills as the main female lead in MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday miniseries Cinderella Man> (Scriptwriter Jo Yoonyoung – Director Yoo Jungjun). A representative of MBC said, “There is little worry about overlapping any of SNSD’s nine members appearance in our shows. We appoint each member to a program that fits them, the right people in the right place.”

Translations: Cph@Soshified.com
Source: hankooki News