“I’ve Become a Woman… I Want to Receive Perfume and Roses”
[FocusNews | Reporter Kim Hyeki]

On the Coming-Of-Age Day, SNSD’s members said,
” I’m no longer a girl. “

Amongst the popular group, ‘SNSD’, there are 6 members who, on the 18th which is the ‘Coming-Of-Age Day, have turned into adults. They are Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica, Sunny, and Hyoyeon. These girls have grown from ‘girls’ to dignified ‘ladies’, carrying an even bigger dream which they plan to achieve. This year, they created a ‘Soshi Gee storm’ and how will their Coming-Of-Age-Day turn out?

▶Taeyeon: I don’t think there was any big change. As much as I’ve grown into an adult, I’m burdened because I have to be responsible for myself and everything I do.
I don’t have any gift that I especially wanted to receive, but I want to try to get a driver’s licence.
▶Tiffany: I think I have to be responsible for a lot more things now. On the other hand though, I also feel that I’ve become younger, like a small child.
I want to receive typical Coming-of-Age Day gifts like perfume and roses. I also want to take a break from everyday life by traveling to places on my own.
▶Yuri: I think I have to be a bit more responsible and be a more mature person. I’m also looking forward to the future.
I wish I received a camera as a gift so I could record precious memories while I’m in the 20’s. I want to do fun and exciting things that only someone in their 20’s can do.

▶Jessica: I look foward to the coming days now that I’m an adult more than I have for the days that have already passed. I want to receive a camera, just like Yuri.
I want to travel places with my camera while I’m still energetic and able to enjoy myself.
▶Sunny: I think this is another good opportunity to think about my responsibilities again.
I want to have a lovable pet to have with me, even though I know it would be hard to take care of it with busy schedules and a lot of members in the dorm. I also want to learn how to drive with Taeyeon
▶Hyoyeon: I can’t believe that I’ve already reached this age. I still feel young, but I’m burdened by the word “adult”. I also want to receive roses and perfume from a boyfriend.
I want to go on a trip with my close friends on “Coming-of-Age Day.”


Source: Sosiz and Focus News
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