SNSD’s Yuri staged a performance with a newly introduced group, Jumper

Yuri appeared on the stage of MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on the 25th during Jumper’s new song ‘Dazzling Eyes’ to support the new group.

Yuri, who was dressed in the concept of a Lady of the Beach, shined with her bright and lovely smile during her performance with Jumper. Yuri sang and showed embarrassment after making a heart with Rocky with her hands. She also carried out her part of Park Dongmin’s girlfriend by saying, “I missed you, what should we do?” during the performance.

Yuri acted out her part as the lady of the beach, where she was approached by the two members. By the end of the performance, she had received flowers from both of them and shook the hearts of men with her cute expressions and smiles.

On the other hand, “Dazzling Eyes” features Kara’s Kang Jiyoung’s narration. “Dazzling Eyes” became a hit after parodying after Andre Kim’s Fashion Show Finale. The original dance of the song digressed from the amusement park theme to the lovers on the beach theme.

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