Gag man Yoo Saeyoon will be leading the rise of with group SNSD.

Yoo Saeyoon was picked as the new MC for MBC’s variety program, ‘s new corner. Yoo Saeyoon will be leading the new corner with nine of the SNSD members, who had already been selected as MCs earlier.

Yoo Saeyoon, who had been active as an MC for various variety programs, will have the role of leading the program. He will be the ‘steady ground’ for inexperienced SNSD members. Kim Youngjin PD explained, “We thought that we needed an experienced MC for the program to be successful. You can say that he will be playing the role of SNSD’s guide.”

The new corner, where Yoo Saeyoon and SNSD will be going to certain places and completing given missions, will be filmed after their first title is confirmed. It is also being said that it is hard to grab a schedule with SNSD because there are so many members.

It is coming to attention if this new corner will “save” which is currently at risk. which was shown on the 19th with ‘Daemang’ in part one and ‘We Got Married’ in part two, scored low ratings of 3.2% and 6.9%. will be regenerated on May 3rd with the new corner which will be led by Yoo Saeyoon and SNSD, a following corner for ‘Daemang’, and a slightly different ‘We Got Married.’

Translations credits to daisy kim @ Soshified…mp;newssetid=83