Because of his tight schedule, Kang In had to step down as the DJ of the radio show called, “Kang In and Tae Yeon’s Chin Han Chin Gu”. This left fans really sad.

Last Sunday (19th), Kang In did a farewell broadcast, and during the broadcast, fans had to listen Kang In crying and left fans really sad. Also, during the broadcast, DJ Tae Yeon also teared up really hard.

It reminded the fans when Kang In won his award in the event, “MBC TV Entertainment Awards”, and also that day, he teared up.

Other than the staffs and Tae Yeon, Kang In did final farewell to the fans.

At the end, Kang In said, “When I come back next time, I wish I could get along with the fans more longer.” And, he said,”I love you, fans and thank you”. And then, he said, “During the times here, I’m glad that I had producer hyung, and nunas and Tae Yeon with me”.

So therefore, starting the 20th, Tae Yeon will be broadcasting as a solo DJ.

Translated by: [email protected]/forums
Credit: 박재영 (Park Jae Young) 기자/[email protected]