[Star’s Self-Camera 1]. ‘Nine Sisters’ SNSD goes to Thailand for an outing.

The sun shines down upon the sea. In March, SNSD visited Pattaya, Thailand for ‘’Pattaya Music Festival 2009′ and later visited Bangkok.

Ever wondered what SNSD’s short travel is like? The camera has captured girls drinking fresh coconut juice, while they were riding on an elephant. Girls would hold hands and kept whispering each other about something, smiling about it.

They enjoyed playing on the beach, splashing water at each other. While SNSD stayed at Bangkok for 3 days and 2 nights, they carried around digital cameras, taking pictures of their activities.

Is it because they easily laugh at small things? Their facial expressions, no matter what it is, are lively and charming. For 3 days and 2 nights, SNSD enjoyed a nice, short foreign travelling.

Travelling is like a pause in your life or like an exclamation point. Such is the case for SNSD. This girl group has been promoting their ‘Gee’ for three months, and the short visit to Bangkok, Thailand, was meaningful for them, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

On 22nd, the view from above of waiting rooms.

Sooyoung doesn’t have any problems wearing foreign brand pants because she has long legs. Thanks to a sudden diet, a wind might blow her away lol. Because of us, colorful skinny jeans have become the latest trend, right? hehe. Shinee and SNSD takes a picture right before the final rehearsal. You can see they’re nervous.

Colorful skinny jeans are our trademarks. Our pant’s length is between 24-26inches. Although our names are not written on the jeans, depending on members’ physique we get them sowed. We can tell whose pants it is just by looking at it.

Written by JES Kim Sungu [email protected]
Translated by [email protected]/forums


[Star’s Self-Camera 2] SNSD “Elephants eating bananas are so cute”

March 21st, our destination is Nongnook village in Pattaya, Thailand. After an intense 3 months of promoting ‘Gee’, we were given a short break during our trip to Thailand.

Yuri and Hyoyeon disagreed on the idea of riding on elephants because they were ‘scared’. The elephant tracking cost was 250 bat (about 9330 won) per 30 minutes. (The two regretted afterwards when they saw the actually cute elephants) We also fed bananas to the elephants which cost 10 bat (about 373 won) per bunch, which is relatively cheap, to the elephants. While the old folk song may say elephants eat with their noses, but in truth, they ate with their mouths.

The elephant show which cost 100 bat (about 3730 won) was an even better attraction. The elephants were more agile than expected, and we got to see them jump through flaming hoops as well as draw. The trick where an elephant hopped over a person lying on the ground made our hands sweat.

The thick hair on an elephant’s back was rough. After a bit of riding, the parts of the legs that were up against the elephant was red and swollen. Yuri bought a necklace from a 6 year old street vendor with the money she saved from not riding on an elephant.

On the 22nd, our schedule was full of things we have never done before. After airing on Thailand’s ‘Nine Entertain’ and ’07 Show’, we had a fan meeting with our Thailand fans.

We couldn’t understand what they were saying, but we couldn’t believe that all these different Asian countries supported our music like this. (‘Gee’ won first place on Thailand’s ‘Channel V Countdown’ for 6 weeks straight. Woohoo!) Jessica and Tiffany who are good at English got really close with some of the staff at the Thailand broadcasting company, and the MCs offered us special desserts for us to try. Didn’t realize Thailand had such delicious cookies!

Written by JES Kim Sungu [email protected]
Translated by [email protected]/forums


[[Star’s Self-camera] Even SNSD’s free time can be seen as ‘Photoshoot’

Right after their last schedule, girls went to the resort to rest. One of staff members comment made the girls happy. The staff said, “As soon as I press the shutter button, (SNSD) their picture immediately becomes a photo shoot picture”. With wide sea ahead of them, they wanted to swim. “We asked our manager oppa and he said we might have a time to swim?” Because of miscommunication, nobody brought their swimsuit. Instead, they just enjoyed the beautiful beach scenery.

It was nice to be at a place where people didn’t shove cell phone cameras at our faces.
We really enjoyed it, though it lasted for only 4 days. Even though we don’t have any toys or anything interesting to do, we can easily talk for 3-4 hours. This is our first time since making our debut to have our own room at the resort. In Sunny’s room, it had a big picture of the Beatles. She said she wanted bring it home. Towels were folded in such a way that resembled a bear. As a result, Sunny said she didn’t wanted unfold towels because they were to cute.

The food at Thailand were so good, we only ate Korean meals twice during our 4 day trip.
When we saw a buffet off at a distance, we just run over and lined up.

Our members are sensitive when it comes to pictures. Since we are in like teens and early twenties who tend to only want to show our pretty side, whenever a ‘ugly(?)’ group picture was taken, everyone was shouting out ‘hurry up and erase it’. A few of the group pictures were deleted in secrecy by unknown members. A few hours before we left for the airport, we sadly wrote our name in the sand. The four letters ‘So Nyuh Shi Dae’ written firmly in Korean. Even though the letters were probably soon erased by the waves, the memories we made at this place will last forever.

Written by JES Kim Sungu [email protected]
Translated by k_Taevid and [email protected]/forums