SNSD After Finishing Gee Promotions, “This is How We Spend Our Time”

[Money Today Starnews Reporter Gil Hyesung]

For the whole first quarter of the year, the 9-member girl group SNSD took charge of the pop music world. As of April 7th, it has been already 9 days since they finished their Gee mini album activities.

Their song ‘Gee’, which they introduced at the beginning of January, has been number 1 on many on/offline charts even until the end of last month. SNSD also set a record by being on number 1 spot for 9 straight weeks on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank. However, even after finishing with the Gee mini album, there is still a lot of interest on the SNSD members.

Then what are SNSD members, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Yoona, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Jessica, and Seohyun, doing right now? On the 7th, the management of SM Entertainment, SNSD’s management company, has answered the question.

▶ “Is it ‘bye’ for good? NO! There are still individual activities”
It is a known fact that SNSD ended their Gee mini album activities on SBS Inkigayo on March 29th, but it does not mean that they are going to go into hiding completely. Members who are talented in a specific area are still lively and are meeting fans while doing their own individual activities. We can’t see them singing ‘Gee’ all together again, but there are still other things that would make fans happy.

Their leader, Taeyeon, is continuing MBC FM4U (91.9MHz)’s “Kangin and Taeyeon’s Chin Chin” that she started to do last year. Taeyeon shows off her witty remarks and imitations of other people with Kangin on “Chin Chin.” Even after finishing Gee activities, she is becoming closer with fans and listeners by revealing some of her hidden charms on “Chin Chin.”

Since the 4th of April, Tiffany and Yuri have been appearing as MC’s for MBC’s “Show! Music Core.” It is the first time any of the SNSD members have been hosts for a TV program, and because of that, they have been expected by fans the most. Tiffany and Yuri accordingly responded to their fans’ expectations with first hosting on “Music Core.”

Yoona is acting again. Yoona will be the main female lead character, Eugene, on MBC’s new Wed-Thurs mini series, “Cinderella Man,” which will air on the coming 15th of April. She is busy filming now because of the new show. Last year, Yoona played the main female character Jang Saebyuk effortlessly on KBS 1TV’s drama “You are my Destiny.” To make fans more impatient, she is acting alongside the top actor, Kwon Sangwoo on “Cinderella Man.”

Sunny is also doing her own activities currently as MC on SKY HD’s music program, “The M.”

▶ “Even still, recharging and preparing for the new album is priority”
Out of the 9 members of SNSD, there are members that are still persistent with individual activities, but still the most important thing to SNSD, now that they are done with Gee promotions, is resting and preparing for their new album. This is no exception to the members who are doing their own activities.

Representatives of SM Entertainment said, “After finishing with Gee promotions, members, even those who are busy with their own activities, have a lot more time to themselves” and “the members are using this time to rest and recharge, but this is to show a better image for their next album.”

Also, they said that “the 9 members are focusing on their new album” and, “when the new album will come out is not set for sure yet.”

▶ “If the fans and youngsters want…”
Will we really not be able to see SNSD singing for the time being? The answer to this question is, “NO.” If the fans are diligent enough, they will be able to see SNSD singing from time to time. This is because the demand for SNSD’s appearance at different events and university festivals is overwhelming.

Actually, SNSD sang “Gee” in front of a crowd of 30 000 people at Seoul Jamsil baseball stadium on the 5th, the day after pro baseball season started. The home team Dusan, who played against Kia that day, invited SNSD to appear in service to their fans.

It has been heard that SNSD has been receiving many invitations from university festivals, and the chances of seeing SNSD singing on stage is becoming higher.

The representatives of SM Entertainment said, “Recently, we have received numerous requests from universities, asking us if SNSD can go to their univerities to perform” and “if there is a place with many youngsters and people who love SNSD, then they can be with SNSD.”


Source: Yahoo! Korea and MoneyToday Starnews
Translations: [email protected]