SNSD’s Yoona and male actor Kwon Sangwoo have been developing great chemistry acting alongside each other in MBC’s upcoming drama “Cinderella Man”.

At the Newsen press conference on the 27th, Yoona smiled saying, “I’ve been so busy with the filming of the drama everyday.” She followed by adding, “Filming proceeded smoothly and happily for me as the staff and cast treat me very well.”

Yoona will be acting as fashion designer Seo Yujin in “Cinderella Man” which is set to air on April 15th.

Besides having great chemistry during the filming, Yoona and Kwon Sangwoo had both been sharing approving comments about each other outside the set as well. Kwon Sangwoo had praised Yoona during a recent Newsen interview, saying, “Looking at Yoona almost makes me feel like seeing Shim Eunha sunbaenim again.”

Yoona reciprocated by saying, “I’m thankful to have received much expert help from Kwon Sangwoo in acting.” She teased jokingly, “He’s been looking so happy and blessed because his son was born not too long ago, so much so that he’s been using every opportunity to flash the photo of his newborn son to show off how cute his son is.”

Yoona then became serious and expressed, “I’m actually under a lot of stress and pressure to perform well for the drama.” Aware of her heavy involvement in SNSD’s “Gee” promotional activites as a member, Yoona fretted, “I’m very worried and anxious about the inadequacy of preparation for the drama.” As for her role as Seo Yujin, Yoona commented, “There are bound to be differences in personality because of the age difference, but I will strive hard to make sure that the character I’m portraying will not appear unnatural and awkward as a result of that.”

Yoona will be concluding the last of her promotional activites as a member of SNSD with farewell performances at KBS2TV’s “Music Bank” on the 27th, MBC’s “Show! Music Core” on the 28th and SBS’s “Inkigayo” on the 29th.


Translation: zjh319@yoonachina and [email protected]