SNSD Tiffany’s OST was released in a preview of SBS TV Historical Drama, ‘Ja Myung Go’ and has been a hot topic of discussion between the fans.

The song is titled ‘By Myself’ and was played shortly after the drama on the 24th. The song is a touching ballad solo sung by Tiffany. Fans who heard the preview of the song being played after the 5th episode of the drama left many supportive comments on the SNSD homepage saying, “It’s such a good song to listen to” and “It’s so touching and the ballad leaves a good impression”.

The song, as the fans found that it was a solo by Tiffany, contains touching lyrics ‘I speak of love by myself, send my love off by myself, looking back on our memories I cry hoping that you are happy wherever you might be..’ have raised the mood of the drama.

However ‘By Myself’ has not yet been fully released and can only be heard through the drama. The exact date of the release also has not yet been decided.

Credits: Naver & Ukopia…&sub=63-126
Translation: k_tyeon.x3 @

YT Preview of ‘By Myself’