The dance steps for “Gee” are very cool, can you please dance a bit for us?

(The girls proceeded to perform “Gee”)

Has Super Junior or SHINee talked to you about Thailand before?

Sunny: They both told us that the weather in Thailand was very hot and that we should wear short-sleeved T shirts. They also told us about the warm hospitality shown by the Thai fans and told us not to worry about our welcome reception at both the airport and the hotel but instead to concentrate on perfecting our performances. Both Super Junior and SHINee are extremely popular in Thailand so we treated them like sunbaenims when asking about Thailand.

Hyoyeon: I heard that Thailand’s fruits are very delicious, and had always wanted to try them. Now that I’m in Thailand, I eat lots of them everyday and I love them very much.

How did you feel about yesterday’s Pattaya International Music Festival?

Tiffany: We were very happy that the fans were so welcoming in their responses. As the Pattaya International Music Festival is a major event in Thailand, we were honoured to be here as Korea’s representative. We had a very good time in Thailand, and we hope to come again next year for the festival.

Yuri: We sang “Gee” with the fans yesterday, and I was really excited and touched by all our fans.

Now that you are in Pattaya, what other interesting activities are you engaging in?

Sooyoung: Yesterday we rode on elephants which was a first for everyone. At first I was a bit fearful but once on the elephant it became very interesting! The zoo also had an elephant show, and I was so amazed at the intelligence shown by them.

Yuri: I went for a Thai massage yesterday… it was so comfortable that I wished I could do it again.

How do you feel about having your first official fan meeting in Thailand today?

Seohyun: I’m very excited and thankful to meet them. We’ve all wanted to come to Thailand as early as possible ever since we were amazed by videos of Thai fans dancing “Gee”.

Since this is your 2nd time in Thailand, can you speak some Thai to us?

Seohyun: I’m very glad to meet each of you.

Hyoyeon: Let’s sing a song together

Sunny: I love each and every one of you, I love you!

Yuri: I miss everyone very much. (laughs)

Jessica: Thank you very much.

Tiffany: Is everyone feeling happy?

Taeyeon: I love everyone.

Tiffany: (interjects) We will learn more in the future.

Lastly, please say something to your Thai fans.

Sooyoung: We are very happy to have our Thai fans because without your support and love, we wouldn’t be able to clinch the top music spot in Thailand for 6 consecutive weeks. At the same time, we are very sorry for not being able to come to Thailand earlier, much as we would like to, due to our busy schedules in Korea. We hope that our Thai fans will support us forever into the future.

Credits: SING@S♥ne4U

Translation: [email protected]