Super Junior’s Kim Ryeowook has thought of writing a song for SNSD’s Taeyeon. Ryeowook expressed in a recent interview, “I learnt songwriting back in my school days and thus wrote many songs. Although I can’t say that the quality of these songs are good enough to be recorded into albums, I had always hoped that I can dedicate my songs to Super Junior and SM Entertainment. Within the company, I would especially like to compose a song for SNSD’s Taeyeon.”

Ryeowook’s embarrassment after talking about Taeyeon led to uproarious laughter from his fellow group members who said, “Ryeowook has liked the S.E.S. unnies before his debut, in particular songs sang by Bada, so he writes songs for girls especially well.”

Ryeowook composed the opening song for his fellow members’ radio show as a gift, adding, “Although I may not be that polished in songwriting, I still went ahead with the opening song hoping that I can help my fellow members in any way possible.”

At the moment, the 13 member Super Junior is working hard to promote their 3rd album, ‘Sorry Sorry’.

Credits: Daum News

Translation: 小传说 and [email protected]