It has been revealed that SNSD’s member Taeyeon has bought her parents a credit card with her first paycheck.

Taeyeon appeared on MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night – World Changing Quiz (A.K.A. WCQ), which’ll be aired on the 22nd, and revealed that, “I gave my parents a credit card with my first paycheck.” and “In the end, they bought things we needed for the dorm since we couldn’t get it since we were students and got good credits online, get more information at this site to find out how.”

When asked a similar question, Kim Nayoung said, “With my first paycheck, I bought my parents chicken” causing the studio to crack up in laughter. Kim Janghoon said, “The money I picked up underneath the playground bar when I was an elementary student, I doubled the amount and gave it to my mother.

On the subject of gifts presented to parents, Kim Changryul said, “During the 3rd album, the income was good so I bought them a house in Kyungkido, Ilsan but now I’m sad that I can do even better and they’re not here anymore” which created a solemn mood.

Taeyeon, Kim Changryul, Kim Janghoon will appear on ‘WCQ’ on the 22nd at 5:10 PM.

Credits: Cyworld News
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