Tiffany, who recently featured in Nasun’s ‘Come to Play’, is getting tons of love calls (requests) from male singers to be featured in their album. Tiffany is to be featured in K.Will’s new album.

The reason why Tiffany is loved as a ‘featuring star’ is not only because of her outstanding singing ability but also because her passion and effort are outstanding.

Nasun revealed his satisfaction, “Tiffany practiced the choreography until dawn for the stage even during Gee promotion when she could barely find any free time, and even requested to re-record the song” and added, “because of that, the new and different concept of ‘Come to Play’ could be accomplished”.

K.Will’s management said, “As we were preparing for a new album, we pondered which female singer is suitable for featuring, and SNSD’s Tiffany came to our mind”, and added, “She has the bright and cute image, and has an ability to rap without difficulty. That’s why we requested her to be featured in this new album”.

SNSD Tiffany shared her thought, “I have a lot to learn still, but if I can deliver even a tiniest help to other singer’s song, then I will do my best”, and added, “Opportunity to sing with another singer doesn’t come often, so it is a fun experience”.

[…short: on the other hand, SNSD is doing awesome…]

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