[20.02.09] Unstoppable SNSD’s “Gee”; 6 consecutive weeks at No. 1

Group Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” took the first place for 6 consecutive weeks.

Announcing their mini album in January, the title-song “Gee” won first place on the 20th’s KBS “Musicbank”, making it their sixth week at number 1.

Next week, SNSD will challenge the most consecutive wins. As of now, last year’s “One More Time” by Jewelry with 7 weeks has the most consecutive wins on “Musicbank”.

A person from the music industry said “SNSD is raising the popularity bar high and considering what they got, I think “Gee” will continue to enjoy high popularity for a time.”

Nation’s daily report, Kukinews Jo Hyunuh Reporter.

Source: Kukinews
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