Sunny Hit’s And Captures A Wild Chick With Her Bare Hands. Is she a descendant of Pak Yejin from FO?
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Girls’ Generation Sunny shows her toughness by grabbing a chicken with her bare hands on air.

Sunny (real name: Lee SooKyu), will be appearing on KBS2Joy’s “danyeoohget seubnida” (translated: I’ll will return.) On the show Sunny exceeded everyone’s expectations by grabbing a wild chicken with her bare hands. On this day, at Chungcheong Province, Sunny was given a special mission of catching a wild chicken for dinner.

The wild chick got the best of the other contestants such as Kim EZ from Baby VOX and foreigner Polly. Both Polly and Kim EZ chased the chicken around for a long time while screaming. But as for, Sunny. She quietly walked up to the chicken and caught it in under a minute.

Before shooting, the producers were worried that the quiet Sunny would mesh well with the more out going Unnis. However, Sunny shocked the producers by not acting like the Maknae and exuded charisma and stood out of the crowd.

Meanwhile, fans are expressing a lot of interest by flooding “danyeoohget seubnida’s” website, asking if they can hear some of episodes that happened during filming.

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny can be seen on “danyeoohget seubnida” on Feb 24th and March 3rd at 11:20pm on KBS2Joy.