SNSD Shows their Sense of Humor in ‘UtChatSa’

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[NewsEn Reporter Lee Hyonwoo]

Girl group SNSD, who’s having tremendous popularity with their recent mini-album ‘Gee’, appeared as guests on SBS’s ‘People looking for laughter'(UtChatSa).

SNSD’s members Jessica, Sooyoung, Yuri and Hyoyeon, who are participating actively in all sorts of variety programs with their lively personalities, will appear in a popular corner of ‘UtChatSa’, revealing their cute and cunning acting skills. Despite their busy schedule, they recorded their camera rehearsal working well with the comedians, showing their passionate acting and their politeness, too.

SNSD’s special appearance in ‘UtChatSa’ will be broadcasted on February 13th, at 9:55.

Lee Hyonwoo, [email protected]
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Source: NewsEn