Ivy, Comes Back to the Music Scene as SNSD’s ‘Dear Mom’ Songwriter

[NewsEn Reporter Kim Hyongwoo]

Singer Ivy has come back to the music scene as a songwriter.

Last January 7th, Ivy appeared as a songwriter in SNSD’s first minialbum ‘Gee’ song ‘Dear Mom’. She used the pseudonym ‘The Lighthouse’ to write the lyrics of ‘Dear Mom’.

She said, “I used a pseudonym because of the great pressure I felt from the public”. In addition, she wrote this song together with her boyfriend Kim Taeseong. Ivy wrote the lyrics and Kim Taesong composed ‘Dear Mom’, a song in that express the feeling of a daughter towards her mother.

SNSD’s management cleared, “since there are many people in the music industry that use pseudonyms, we didn’t revealed who was the songwriter of ‘Dear Mom'”.


Kim Hyongwoo [email protected]
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Source: NewsEn