SNSD’s Tiffany talks about the most difficult time since the start of her career.

On the 16th, during “Choi HwaJung’s Powertime” on SBS PowerFM (107.7MHz), in answering a question in the section “rumours that makes my heart feel uneasy”, Tiffany said “When I first came to Korea, I could not adapt and it is difficult for me to converse with people. It hurts me when people blames my parents for this.”

Tiffany said, “I came to Korea even when my parents object me from coming”, “It hurts me when people insults my parents for something I didn’t do well.”

Also, the other members, Jessica said “Unexpectedly, based on single picture, there were plastic surgery rumors about me; even my parents struggled, too.”

Sunny said, “Before I debut, because I live in the same neighborhood as the idol artistes, when there is a scandal about me and them, it is a painful experience.”

Credits; Yahoo Kr
Translations; [email protected]

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