So Nyeo Shi Dae Taeyeon close to tears: „I apologise to the nurses”

After one week of the incident on the 19[sup]th[/sup] in MBC FM Radio “Kangin Taeyeon’s Chinhan Chingoo” DJ Taeyeon sent out an official apology to the nurses.

DJ Kangin said in the opening “There’s a time when you feel the other person’s happiness when they say something. Then there is a time your life changes because of some words from another person. And then there are people who have to live their life with some words they said.” Taeyeon: “The power of words is big”. She added: “A small fire can burn down an entire forest.”

Kangin said “In your words, you have to think of the opposite. But depending on the circumstances you say words only from your perspective” and thus admitting the mistake Taeyeon did to the nurses. Taeyeon said: “I was sick last week and I didn’t think about the opposite when I said some things. I am really sorry if my words were wrong and have hurt you. I am going to try being more careful and thinking about the opposite.” After that, they both admitted the mistake and made an official apology to everyone.

Jaurim’s “20세기 소년소녀” was broadcasted after the apology. After the song, Taeyeon apologised again “I said it in the opening before but I want to apologise for my mistake last week. I think that I hurt many people and that many have thought that what I said was wrong. I feel immature about that.”. With that she admitted her mistake and was close to tears.

Kangin said: “Once more again with my head down I want to express my words of apology. We will not repeat the same mistake. Again, Taeyeon and I are apologising with our heads down.”

On the 12[sup]th[/sup], Taeyeon said: “I got to the hospital to get an injection but they said they couldn’t give me one because the nurse had to go to eat. But has the patient to be sick in the time when the nurse is free and has nothing to do like going to eat?” Because of that the discussions started. Kangin said “I think they lost their minds and only thought about themselves” and joked about “go to eat for the rest of your lives”.

As the discussion and anger of the nurses got too much, SNSD Taeyeon’s and Super Junior Kangin’s company SM Entertainment had to apologise fast but they didn’t know that discussions would continue. Thus they made an official apology through the radio broadcast on the 19[sup]th[/sup].

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