Girlsâ?? Generation (SNSD) have been displaying their friendship with the Wonder Girls, cheering for their counterparts and sending them messages of encouragement.

Both Girlsâ?? Generation and the Wonder Girls debuted in 2007 and have endured frequent comparisons on account of the fact that they are both female groups. The fact that they represent two competing influential management companiesâ??SM and JYPâ??has also been a point under close scrutiny.

Girlsâ?? Generation and the Wonder Girls have even exchanged songs on occasion, each singing the other groupâ??s song on a TV broadcast. At the time, Girlsâ?? Generation sang the Wonder Girlsâ?? which was very appealing for the public. The audience cheered aloud at seeing the 9 members in formation dancing the dance.

TaeYeon stated, â??Weâ??ve exchanged songs with the other group and sang each otherâ??s songs before. Weâ??ve exchanged songs with the Wonder Girls and we did our best to sing them and not cause any harm. We felt weâ??d be doing more harm than not by messing up the Wonder Girlsâ?? song so we put a lot of thought into it and practiced. It might be because we like the Wonder Girlsâ?? song too, but we had a lot of fun practicing.â?

TaeYeon has also traded songs onstage with singer JOO in the past. JOOâ??s condition at the time was suffering and it was TaeYeon who received attention afterwards.

Upon being asked if they are rivals with the Wonder Girls, Girlsâ?? Generation stated, â??Weâ??re friends with the Wonder Girls. We were able to become close because we sang each otherâ??s songs and were able to catch a glimpse of the effort each group put in.â? They added, â??The Wonder Girls have their own unique Wonder Girls color to them and we have our own unique color to us, so we hope people can like and value us all.â?

source: sunmijjang
credit: Asia E + ♥ bubbletea29 ♥ @ AF, kristin@My-smtown.
translated by: ppopki@wgspectacle