So Nyuh Shi Dae, “Feels like not a comeback, but a debut”

Girl group So Nyuh Shi Dae has came back with a new mini album. It has been nine months since they had finished their first album activities. If only the album releases were considered, then that would mean that it had been a year and 2 months since they had shown an album with new songs.

Last year, Wonder Girls, who is one of the biggest rivals for So Nyuh Shi Dae, had literally fled. But as Wonder Girls became more popular, So Nyuh Shi Dae was missed more as well. The reason was because the nine girls had different charms than the Wonder Girls members.

And So Nyuh Shi Dae came back to their fans on the 7th with a new album consisting of new songs. Fans are already showing their excitement. Before their offline album release, they had released their title song, ‘Gee,’ online on the 5th, which is gaining much popularity.

“Since we practiced so long for this, it feels more like debuting once again instead of another comeback. We really worked and prepared so hard for this. We hoped that there would be good results, but we’re very thankful that ‘Gee’ is gaining so much attention already.” Tiffany said.

‘Gee,’ which gave So Nyuh Shi Dae pride, is a cute song with lyrics that show a girl’s heart in falling in love for the first time. Leader Tae Yeon said with a laugh, “‘The word ‘Gee’ is another way to express ‘Uh muh nah’ (oh my). The beat is fast and the melody is easy and repeats many times, so it’s a song that anyone can sing along to.”

Jessica assured that if you watched the choreography to ‘Gee,’ it would make the song even more cheerful. “This time, the choreography was created to fit the song’s lyrics perfectly. If you watched us draw the alphabet ‘G’ in the middle, it would be fun.”

So Nyuh Shi Dae was also satisfied about their teamwork, which had become even better while preparing for this album. The nine members living in one house for more than two years and acheiving a good relationship in their dorm seemed to be the key to that.

Some members who had been active separately in various ways seemed to have given So Nyuh Shi Dae help to come back, as well. Many members had worked as actresses, radio DJs, entertainers, etc.

YoonA is a representative of this case. In KBS 1TV’s ‘You Are My Destiny,’ she had been the main character, Jang Saebyuk, and even won the Rookie Award at the ‘2008 KBS Acting Awards.’ With this, YoonA had spread her and So Nyuh Shi Dae’s names even further.

YoonA said, “Not only me, but So Nyuh Shi Dae members are all taking acting lessons, so I think if they just got a chance, they’d do great.” Then she added with a smile, “By the way, I personally would love to take a cute and bright character’s role like in a trendy drama like ‘Boys Over Flowers.'”

But all 9 members agreed that for now, their new album activities were first.

“We’re nervous to meet you guys with our new album. We’re going to put all our energy to ‘Gee’ activites, as much as we wanted to go on stage while we were preparing. Please expect a lot from us. Haha,” said Sunny.

So Nyuh Shi Dae was also in agreement with another answer to a question, which was “Do you think you will be together after 10 years?” They all said in unison, “of course!”

Yuri said, “Last year, when I went to watch Hyori unni’s first concert, it made my heart feel tingly to watch FinKl members singing together on stage. I know we’d all be active in different areas after ten years, but we’re never going to let go of the name ‘So Nyuh Shi Dae.'”

So Nyuh Shi Dae, who was filled with excitement and nervousness, also talked about who is considered to be their rival, Wonder Girls.

“Many say that we’re rivals, but the truth is that some of our members are actually close with Wonder Girls members. While we were resting, we listened to ‘Nobody’ many times and even danced to it after we put it into our MP3. We were happy for Wonder Girls’ success, and that made us realize that we should try even harder, as well.” Soo Young said.

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