[E-Daily SPN New’s Yang Seung-Joon] “Yoona noona has given me lots of acting tips”

FT Island’s drummer Choi Min-hwan(17) has challenged himself to his first acting career and has attracted many people when he said that SNSD’s Yoona(19) has been a big help for him.

At the “On the Way Home” press conference event in KBS International Conference Room on the 7th, Choi Min-hwan said “I go to the same hair salon as Yoona noona so we keep in touch by texting and I have received alot of support from her” and that “She has been a big help as of giving me tips on what is good for this scene filming and what is good for that filming, etc”

Choi Min-hwan will be acting out the role of Han Jinhee and Lee Bohee’s youngest troublesome son, Han Junho, in KBS 1’s daily drama “On the Way Home”, the drama that will follow “You Are My Destiny”

Yoona has acted out the role of Jang Saebyuk in the drama “You Are My Destiny” and has been successful as an actress/singer after receiving the newcomer’s award and the popularity award in the 2008 KBS Actors Awards Ceremony.

“My mom worries about me the most, but I think it will all work out if I just don’t do things to embarrass myself and just show good acting. I want to show another side of me as an actor besides just standing on-stage as a singer” replied Choi Minhwan about getting some cold shoulders as a singer debuting to become an actor.

“On the Way Home” starring Park Kunyoung, Jang Yong, Lee Sangwoo, Jo Yeojung, etc will be first aired on the coming 12th.