[12.12.08] Revealing the new outfits for the Maple Story CF

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A look into the shooting location for the new CF of Nexon’s popular online game “Maple Story” has revealed SNSD in cute school girl outfits and in mysterious red cloaks.

In order to plan for this next Maple Girl outfit, Nexon had spent several months in meetings to come up with the concept, agreeing upon to stay with the representative red color, and to have the overall concept as students attending a school for magic.

To further the school look outfit, they added a short skirt and a modern dark jacket, with a bold tie to bring the points together.

Additionally, to match the Christmas season, they specially designed five different logos for the capes, to match the five different Cygnus knights..

The outfits that SNSD will be wearing for this CF shoot will be made available for users in the near future at a special Maple Story bazaar event.

Choi Sangryul, the directing team leader for Nexon, said “We put incredible amounts of thought and planning into the next outfits for this CF” adding “The CF style from the Fantastic! CF is gone and your screens will become even brighter with our new concept and the designs for it.

The completed CF will be broadcast on the 17th on a special internet broadcast introducing the Cygnus Knights, and to match with the update on the 18th, it will then be aired on cable channels.

credits to Medis News and [email protected]/forums

the internet broadcast will be shown on http://afreeca.com/mapletv