So Nyuh News Rules

1. Do not post news that are from blogs such as Popseoul, Allkpop, Asianfanatics, Kbites etc.

2. Providing a link to the source and stating credits is a necessity.
This is to show credibility and truth in your news source.

3. When taking out news from the section, credit must be given to the person who posted the translated news ([email protected]/forums) including a link to the forums.
Nobody likes their content taken out without credit/permission.

4. News must be from a Korean / credible news site. Post the original, and provide a translation of it.
If it’s not from a Korean / credible news site, post it in the Sosip Mill thread first.

5. Check the Sosip Mill thread first before ever posting something in the News Section.

6. Your topic must be tagged with the date the news was released.

7. All posted news must be translated into English.
Korean, Chinese and news in other languages must be translated into English so the international fans can understand.

Also, follow the GENERAL FORUM RULES.

Failure to comply to these rules can result in closing of your news thread.

Thank you.