5 member girl group Wonder Girls have gathered interest in their declaration that they “have the most confidence in SNSD’s choreography”.

Wonder Girls shared this while recording the show “My Favorite” on MNet on the 20th.

During the recording, at a corner where unexpected questions are thrown at random to be answered quickly, the Wonder Girls members received a question asking “Which artist’s choreography are you the most confident in doing yourselves?” and they answered “SNSD.”

Wonder Girls said “We’ve actually practiced SNSD’s choreography for fun by ourselves before”, adding that they’ve followed along to SNSD’s first album title track “Girls’ Generation” before.

The Wonder Girls were the guests on the show following appearances by DBSK and Alex. DJed by Kim Shinyoung and VOS, “My Favorite” uses the radio format as a music program that allows stars to reveal their hidden feelings to their songs.

The third episode of MNet’s “My Favorite” starring the Wonder Girls will broadcast on the 27th at 11PM.

credits to SeoulNTN and [email protected]/forums