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Tiffany’s personal story behind her high heels has been released just recently.

On the second episode of the show “Factory Girl,” in which the SNSD members take on the job of becoming intern fashion editors, Tiffany was scolded by other SNSD members, as she fell behind whenever the members went uphill, downhill, etc.

When the other members would simultaneously ask, “why’d you wear high heels and give yourself a hard time?” Tiffany responded that she “won’t give up on her high heels,” revealing her unique love for high heels.

For her unique desire for high heels is her own way of compensating the height difference between her and the other members, she added at the end in a distressed tone saying, “You guys are tall…”

Eventually later in the day, her sunbae editor advised her to “wear comfortable shoes because it will get uncomfortable and [her] feet will hurt if working in high heels.”

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