SNSD has decided to take on the job of being editors of a fashion magazine.

After their “beauty photo shoot” that aired on the 8th, the girls have just recently completed shooting a “fashion photo shoot” in which they chose what outfits the models would wear.

The girls dividied into Team Dream Girl (Tiffany, SooYoung, SeoHyun, and Hyoyeon) and Team Candy Girl (TaeYeon, YoonA, Sunny, Jessica, and YuRi), and they chose to go with the “fairytale look” and “goth look,” respectively.

The show got more exciting and intense, as it was a competition between the two teams, when the girls went to shops in search of the right outfit for their models. As expected, it seemed like the girls did not want to lose when it came to fashion. They were so competitive that they even ended up borrowing all the clothes so that the other team would not be able to find the right outfit.

Regardless of the team, all the girls were complemented by the veteran editors for successfully running a photo shoot. SNSD was very excited and explained that “it felt good choosing outfits for models” and “it was a great experience because I felt like a real fashion editor.”

The photo shoot that “Special Editors” SNSD editted will indeed be included in the September edition of the Elle Girl Magazine, and the actual episode of the “Factory Girl” with the making of the photo shoot will be released on the 15th.

SNSD’s “Reality Hot Job” Show “Factory Girl” is a reality show-version of the movie “Devil Wears Prada” in which the members become fashion editors for trend magazines for teens.

credits to: (Digital News Team) [email protected] and 애교단듀
Translations by: [email protected]