Girls’ Generation is full of hidden charm! Maple Story CF NG shoot release.
Associated Press | Article 2008.08.27 16:48

[Newswire] Girls’ Generation’s cute mistakes.
Today, popular online game Maple Story’s CF NG video was released. Girls’ Generation transformed into Maple Girls and the shoot contained many cute moments that were not released. During the CF shoot, Girls’ Generation was shy because of their mistakes, or they couldn’t control their laughter and it delayed the shoot. In the edited shoot, you can see Girls’ Generation’s new cute dance.

Girls’ Generation is full hidden charm! Maple Story CF NG shoot release.[/indent][/indent]

Girls’ Generation contributions to the Maple Story CF has aired on cable tv stations since July. The return of Maple Girl in search of ‘Master M’ is a unique concept that is sure to be well recieved by the viewers.

The concept of this ad is also a Master M themed event in the game. This event will start on August 31 and last until September 4, at which time winners of prizes will be announced.

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