KBS 1TV’s daily drama ‘You Are My Destiny’ has recorded the best program rating.

According to program rating research company AGB Nielsen Media Research, ‘You Are My Destiny’s
74th broadcast on the 18th August recorded a nationwide program rating of 33.1% which eclipsed the 5th August’s program rating of 31.6%.

Recently, Saebyuk(Yoona) has been adopted as a daughter in TaePoong’s(Lee Ji Hoon)’s family and as Hose(Pak Jae Joong) is determined to call off the engagement with Soobin(Gong Hyeon Joo)
an interesting story unfolds dramatically. However on the last 15th, due to Korea’s 60 years Independence Commemoration Day Celebration, there was suddenly no broadcast, a shadow of disgrace was reflected from the anticipating viewers.

Meanwhile, on the 19th of August’s broadcast, Saebyuk who just knew that she has been officially ordered to be transferred to a wood research company in Russia, mumbled to herself
“So should I be compelled to my steady job?” and a tear-shedding Hose said “Do not go. Be here with me” while hugging Saebyuk from behind. Despite the ‘Russia official order for transfer’ hindrance, the prospect of anticipation from the viewers will all the more increase as the 2 person’s love line dramatically unfolds.

Photocaps from the 18th’s broadcast scene

Credits: 뉴스엔 이미혜 기자 + leezhezin@soshified for translation

Holy! Look at the rating standings! YAMD FTW!
YAMD is tops for both ratings on the left and right, the left for nationwide and the right for Seoul area.