Height is very important in an idol group, for the members who are shorter in a group, they would have to resort to wearing insoles. They would have to wear insoles just to make sure they are of eye level with the other members. Those members caught with photos of them with insoles would always have the ‘humiliating’ memories of being a star. Idol group SNSD’s Tiffany and SuperJunior Shindong Eeteuk are examples.

In April this year, SNSD’s member Tiffany, together with the other members appeared at the photoshoot for a clothing advertisement. Together with the taller members, Yoona and Yuri, Tiffany had to stand on a pile of books to make up for her height. Netizens who saw the photo after it was released nicknamed Tiffany as ‘Insole Tiffany’ (‘깔창 티파니’)

-not translating the SJ parts-

Credits; Yahoo Kr + Wenfany@Soshified

Insole Fany JJiang! ^^
But when she is on books, she is taller than YooYul.
Its okay, you would always have Taeyeon. (: