Fan Requests: Please Let Girls’ Generation Sing “So Hot”

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After Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation performed each other’s hit songs, Tell Me and Kissing You recently under the spotlight once more, fans now request Girls’ Generation to sing Wonder Girls’ So Hot.

At Music Bank’s mid-year summer celebration on July 4th, Wonder Girls performed Girls’ Generation’s Kissing You and Girls’ Generation perform Wonder Girls’ Tell Me.

The two female idol groups both won cheers from the fans for performing each other’s songs with their own style.

A KBS official applauded that the two girl groups can respect each other and their spectacular performances made the special stages fantastic.

It was clearly seen that when Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation performed each other’s songs, the guy fans were the most excited, especially those who were easily attracted to Girls’ Generation’s version of Tell Me. They even requested for Girls’ Generation to sing Wonder Girls’ current song, So Hot.

As a matter of fact, since So Hot continued Tell Me’s popularity, the said song has been immensely popular recently. There are already a lot of different UCC’s of So Hot on the internet. But as of this time, a number of netizens are looking forward to Girls’ Generation’s So Hot.

Original text: 首站翻译组@snsdchina
English translation: Joan_. @snsdchina
English edit: tangerine_kisses@soshified.

Well, looks like we’re not the only ones Soshi-deprived.
“So Hot” on Soshi would look interesting…but I reckon that the song is too short for nine girls.