SNSD transformed perfectly into rival Wonder Girls.

On KBS 2TV Music Bank’s broadcast on the 4th, SNSD performed Wonder Girls’ Tell Me and showed off their impressive vocal abilities and perfect dance routine, gathering the attention of the viewers.

For this performance, SNSD’s singing, dance and of course the outfits became exactly like the Wonder Girls. Moreover, the cute expression that comes with the “omona” was done with the cuteness that only SNSD could do.

The viewers said “SNSD showed a different charm than Wonder Girls” and “SNSD’s vocal abilities is the best among idol groups” and “Although it should’ve been burdensome since they are rival groups, it was hard to find any awkwardness in the performance.”

The nation’s representative idol girl groups performed each other’s hit songs, switching off on “Kissing YOu” and “Tell Me”. They also performed their own hit songs “Girls’ Generation” and “Baby Baby” as well as “Irony” and “So Hot.”

Another person said “SNSD and Wonder Girls singing each other’s songs and dancing showed a new kind of performance. Although it was another group’s song, they sang it, and did a perfect rendition with passion” and “Granted, they are two groups both competing for popularity, but they came together and encouraged each other.”

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