The Number One Song Sung in Karaoke Rooms?.. If by Taeyeon

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The song “If” from the KBS 2TV drama “Hongildong” O.S.T. by SNSD leader Taeyeon has been calculated as the song sung most in karaoke rooms for the first part of the 2008 year.

Computed from January 2 to June 11th, Taeyeon’s “If” ranked first for being sung the most frequently, through internet and karaoke room accompaniment. “If” had a strong support from female middle and high school students and also had figure skater Kim Yuna performing it on a show, showing the diverse reasons that it reached such a high ranking on the chart.

Following that, VOS member Park Jiheon’s solo song “On the Days that I Miss You” was number two on the chart, the highest ranking for a male singer. New duo Davichi’s “I Love You although I Hate You”, which gained much popularity through having Lee Miyeon and Lee Hyolee in their music video, was number three and Big Mama’s “Resignation”, last year’s most popular karaoke room song, stayed constant at number four.

Other than “If”, idol group SNSD’s “Kissing You” and “Girls’ Generation” reached number 12 and number 28, respectively, on the charts as well, showing their high popularity. Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” was number 9 and “This Fool” was number 44 and of course, Big Bang’s “Last Farewell” was number 6 and “Lies” was number 16, showing the immense popularity of the idol groups in karaoke rooms across the country.

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