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SoNyuhShiDae member, Tiffany had been picked to be the new model for cosmetics brand “A Solution”.

A Solution is a cosmetic brand targeted for teenagers between the age of 18 to 22 with acne problems. From 2008 May onwards, Tiffany would be the new model for A Solution for 1 year. A Solution said that a survey among the target market was carried out, and Tiffany was chosen as the 5th model for the brand as a result from the survey.

Meanwhile, before Tiffany, the models of A Solution included SongHyeGyo, SoYooJin, GoEunA, BaekSeulKi, who became even more popular after endorsing the product. Tiffany, being the 5th model for the product had receive much attention from this endorsement.

Tiffany is now actively promoting with Jessica and Seohyun as “SNSD Roommate” and also took part in Kim Dongwan’s 2nd album “Secret” narrating for his song, gaining even more popularity.

Translations: Wenfany @ SOSHIFIED

I am so proud of Fany yo! And I am so proud of myself. 4th article today. -0-