Foreword: DO NOT get upset about this news. What they say in radio COULD be scripted by the producers or whatever. This had been an issue in Kr for some time, and many artistes had stood up for this, including Taeyeon and Kangin now.

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Super Junior’s Kangin and SoNyuhShiDae’s Taeyeon criticized the US Beef imports on radio, attracting much attention.

In the broadcast on the 8th in MBC’s “Kangin, Taeyeon ChinHanChinGu”, Kangin and Taeyeon played a little story called “I bet” on air. Kangin acts as a MC on a cooking show, while Taeyeon is a gourmet invited to cook at the show.

Taeyeon prepared a soup for the parents who just sent their sons to the army, and named it as Ghostly Soup (괴담탕). Kangin asked Taeyeon what is in the Ghostly Soup, and the reply was “The imported beef from US that was over 30 months old. Together with the offal and cooked on low heat.”

Taeyeon explained saying “Recently, there are alot of hearsays about the beef imported from US.” She continued jokingly saying: “To complete the cooking, import more of the cheap 30 month old beef.”

Translation: Wenfany @ SOSHIFIED

Korea had just decide to import beef from US that are over 30months. Korea is the only country now which import this kind of beef. This had caused a lot of citizens in Korea to be against this action, and many artistes had stood up against this import in various ways. Please DO NOT hold anything against Taeyeon because she is just trying to voice out her opinion as a Korean. I think Taeyeon is more like standing up and telling the govt that they shouldnt be importing the beef.

I was deciding if I should translate this article because I am afraid that some of you might take offense. But hey, its better us here in Soshified translating it, then for you to read it elsewhere where the article could be distorted. (: