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SoNyuhShiDae Tiffany debuts as an MC on Champagne.

On the 9th, Tiffant meets with the reporters from Newsen saying “Really nervous” and “Because I am the youngest in the show, I will portray the image as the youngest to the audience too.”

Tiffany has recently appeared on KBS 2TV “ShinDongYup ShinBongSeon Champagne” segment of “Please Allow Me” from the 2nd episode on. It is Tiffany’s first try in MC for a non-cable program. Tiffany is currently an MC for a cable program (SSGB).

Tiffany says: “I feel very nervous now actually” but “The other MCs treat me very nicely. The other staffs shown me a lot of love too”.

She add on saying, “Now I am filming the program as a maknae. I would work hard in this program as a member of SNSD to bring glory to SNSD.”

On the question regarding whether Tiffany would be afraid since Champagne is a adult talk show oriented program, she said: “Champagne is spilt into 2 segments. The segment that I appears, Please Allow Me, is not too difficult as I am acting as the maknae, asking elder sister about marriage related quesitons. There is no difficulties.”

Also, Tiffany had ended the promotions for SNSD’s 1st album, and is actively promoting Oppa Nappa together with Jessica and Seohyun as a project group. Jessica Tiffany Seohyun would appear on KBS 2TV Music Bank on the 9th.

Translations by Wenfany @ SOSHIFIED

I am glad she’s actively on screen even after the end of the 1st album promotions. xD