Taeyeon is a Human Copy Machine?

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SNSD leader Taeyeon, who is currently a DJ on MBC Radio FM4U ‘Kangin and Taeyeon’s Best Friends”, is receiving incredible popularity online for her impressive imitation skills.

Pandora TV, Mgoon, MNCast and other internet video services all have edited videos of Taeyeon doing parodies of popular stars and has netizens rolling with laughter. What especially draws attention is Taeyeon’s diverse skills in imitating a wide variety of celebrities.

With the peculiar voice and strange tones, Taeyeon has imitated people from actor Yoon Moonsuk, comedian Choi Youngrak, singer Hyunsuk perfectly. She has a diverse range, including actor Oh Gwankrok, SuJu’s Eeteuk, and Ahnsungdek Park Heejin. Showing off her talents other than just as an idol star singer, as a DJ, Taeyeon has also shown her ability to bring much laughter as a comedian, showing off her great hosting skills.

With messages like “She is so cute” and “She imitates them perfectly” and “Her way to bring laughter is unique”, fans have been uploading their words of encouragement on the internet.

credits to SportsSeoul and boxclub @ www.soshified.com/forums